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Title: UnknownWhat Does The Vox Say!? (Parody: What does the Fox say?)
Artist: UnknownSean Astin
Album: UnknownVox Populi
Played: 179 times


Sean Astin singing “What Does the Vox Say,” a parody of Ylivs’ What the Fox Say.

Visit startthevox.com for more info!

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I love your blog xxx

thaaanks :)

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Suggested by fuckyeahseanastin

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Sean Astin after today’s Color Me Rad 5K in Birmingham AL.

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Re-Blog If You Think There Will Be At Least ONE Show Of #JUDASREDUX Starring Sean Astin as “Dylan Saunders”:







I must say I sure hope so !!!

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Sean Astin in the Judas Ticket Announcement video [x]

(also can I point out the Team Dylan shirt that is covered up here cause yes)

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Sean Astin in action film "Extraction"


Whoa! Sean Astin, Danny Glover and Vinnie Jones! Samwise is gonna kick some serious butt!!!

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For those who don’t know, Sean’s mom Patty Duke has been cast as a part of a lesbian couple in Glee! Her partner is played by Meredith Baxter. This is so going to ROCK!!!

Yay Patty! <3 

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Please reblog this if it is okay to anonymously confess something to you.

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